EMS Training

We are dedicated to the highest standard in EMS Training. Our programs utilize the latest research and current education. We strive to produce the best emergency medical professional at all times.



The CPR course is designed to provide lay rescuers the fundamental skills and confidence to perform CPR on adult, children, or infants. This course will teach participants in how to recognize and alleviate airway obstructions, the proper use of an AED, and the signs, symptoms, and corrective action for a stroke or heart attack.

CPR Requirements
2-hour course

Classroom based course with skills


2 Year Certification

Course Times:

Varies if you would like to schedule a class for a group please contact us to schedule a course

EMR Emergency Medical Responder


The Emergency Medical Responder course prepares the EMR student to provide prehospital assessment and care for patients of all ages with a variety of medical conditions and traumatic injuries

EMR Requirements
40-hour course

The EMR Course consists of classroom work and skills lab. This is a discussion and interactive based course.

$200 for outside agencies
Free to those that volunteer at Southwest Fire

Flipped Classroom EMT

The Flipped classroom is a different way of learning. All coursework is done in the online classroom. Then when you come to class you will do interactive and supplemental work to the online classroom. Clinicals can be completed at a facility near you. or you may choose to do clinicals with one of our already approved affiliate clinical sites.
Max students 20

Online EMT Hybrid

The online EMT hybrid course is a first of its kind in Missouri. We are only 1 of 2 programs approved for this type of course. All coursework is completed online. Before class begins you will come to the physical classroom and complete your BLS Provider CPR and learn what it will take to complete the course. At week 10 you will come to the physical classroom and complete a 3 day skills session. At the end of the course you will then come back for a day and complete your skills and written final. Clinicals can be completed at a facility near you. or you may choose to do clinicals with one of our already approved affiliate clinical sites.
Max students 10 minimum 5

Cost for Online EMT Hybrid:

Registration Fee: $200 (non-refundable)
Course Cost: $1300 (financial assistance and payment plans maybe available)

Included in Course Cost:
Drug Test
My Clinical Exchange (required for clinical time)
ID Badge
Background Check (clinical)
Clinical Shirt
Professional Liability Insurance

NOT Included in Course Cost:
Textbook – $150
Physical- $20 (depending on your provider)
Uniform (Pants, boots, belt)- $150-300
NIEMT Testing Fees – $70
NREMT Testing Fees- $80
MO Background Check- $13.25



Requirements for the EMT Program

High School Diploma/Equivalent
Valid Government Issued Identification Card
Nothing in personal criminal background preventing work as a medical professional.
Vaccinations                                     Tuberculin (Tb) Skin Testing If > 2 yrs since last Tb test, need 2 Tb tests at least one week apart
Must be annually tested once every 12 months after initial 2 step testing
Hepatitis B / Heptavax Series in progress or verification of completion (series of 3- must have at least #2 prior to having patient contact)
MMR – Positive titer with date of test OR documentation of 2 immunizations (one after 1980)
Varicella (Chicken Pox) 2 vaccines one month apart OR positive titer
Flu Vaccination (If unable to receive vaccine due to documented allergic reaction, must submit “Immunization Allergic Reaction Form”)
Tetanus Diphtheria (Td) or (Tdap) Documented within 10 years
Passing Drug Screen
Current Health Insurance

EMT CON ED Requirements

Required Hours- 48
Preparatory-2 hours
Airway-4 hours
Patient Assessment-6 hours
Medical/Behavioral-8 hours
Trauma- 8 hours
Ob, Infants, and Children- 4 hours
Core Electives in any of the above categories- 16 hours

Paramedic Con ED Requirements

Required Hours- 96
Preparatory- 12 hours
Airway Management and Ventilation- 12 Hours
Trauma- 20 Hours
Medical- 36 hours
Special Considerations- 12 hours
Operations- 4 hours
Remaining 48 hours must be EMS related programs

Online and In-Class Courses are available 


Financial Assistance
Financial assistance maybe available through Missouri Ozarks Community Action (MOCA). Please contact them to find out if you qualify. You will be required to pay the registration fee and be put on a payment plan until notice from MOCA is given to the program director of your approval for payment. You will be refunded any applicable fees and registration minus processing fees.


Payment Plans

Tuition payment plans are available. Weekly payments will be determined upon when you register for the course. The course will be fully paid for by week 8 of the course. The sooner you sign up the more time you have to make payments and the less the weekly payments are.

Southwest Fire uses Training Center Manager for class  scheduling, registration, and certificates.

 Use the student login and please have your State License number available as you will be asked for it. 

Emergency Medical Services Training

Southwest Camden County Fire Protection District offers many different EMS courses to meet the needs of our training as well as the needs of the community.

Classes we offer

EMT, EMR, CPR, First Aid, Bleeding Control

CPR Classes are available on request. Contact us to set up a class.

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